UPCM Class 2019 victorious in Mediscene 2017

by Vince Baroña, Class 2018

UP College of Medicine Class 2019 bagged first prize in Mediscene 2017: Hero, held last March 17th 2017 at the PGH Science Hall from 630 pm to 1130 pm. Hosted by the UP Medicine Student Council, heroism was the theme of this year’s much-awaited annual theater competition.

Ventrilokiya AF, the production of UPCM Class 2019, took first place with its modern twist on well-known Filipino heroes. Second prize went to Class 2021’s Demonyo Man May Langit Din, that tackled the often violent issue of land reform. Finally, second runner-up was Class 2023’s Si Mabait, an engaging tribute to the little guys whose heroic sacrifices for science are often overlooked.

MSC, UPPhA, CHDP Launch Mind Meld 2017 Exhibit

Mind Meld Exhibit

by Nefren Lobitana, Class 2020

Mind Meld 2017 has officially been launched through a ribbon-cutting ceremony of its exhibit situated at the Philippine General Hospital Central Block this March 6, 2017.

Started in 2015 by the 38th UP College of Medicine Student Council, University of the Philippines Pharmaceutical Association and UP Manila Community Health Development Program (CHDP), Mind Meld is the first ever interprofessional collaboration competition. It brings together students of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, the allied medical professions, and arts and sciences students to tackle cases of patients that require these different fields to converge in order to arrive at a solution. It aims to provide students with the experience in working in an interdisciplinary setting as a team to provide their patients the best health outcome possible. This is in response to the current situation where health practitioners tend to work alone without consulting one another in approaching cases of patients.

Student Leaders Unite in Social Media Guidelines Workshop

MSC Chair Leonard Javier discusses Social Media Guidelines

by Mark Teo, Class 2023

Last Friday, February 3, 2017, members of the Medicine Student Council (MSC) and representatives from the different Learning Units of the UP College of Medicine (UPCM) convened at Paz Mendoza Room 104 for the Social Media Guidelines Workshop in order to discuss a rather controversial topic: the Social Media Guidelines.

The Social Media Guidelines, the first of its kind among all medicine schools in the Philippines, was designed to regulate the social media activity of those affiliated with UPCM and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Key points include the sections pertaining to patient privacy and commenting negatively on UPCM and PGH issues. The guidelines, which have been undergoing heated discussion, is fervently being pushed by the administration to be passed as policy, due to several past occurrences where some say that social media was used inappropriately. Gathering data from their fellow students, the MSC and the representatives discussed future actions towards the social media guidelines.

Crosstalk 2015 Elimination Rounds Held

by Niel Benjamin Kho, Class 2020

The first few rounds of Crosstalk 2015, the 5th Annual Inter-Class Medical Debate Competition, were held last November 10, 2015, from 8-10AM at BSLR-East.

The MSC Social Issues Committee, in partnership with UP Manila Debate Circle and UP Community Health Development Program, held the Crosstalk with the purpose of stimulating intellectual discussion and analysis of issues in the healthcare and medical field.

Mondays at the MSU: The Next PGH Director

by Trisha Riego De Dios, Class 2020

Mondays at the MSU is the Medicine Student Council’s initiative to reach out to the students of the college, to answer their questions, inform them, and be informed by them. Last October 12, 2015, this was facilitated by the MSC’s representative to the University Student Council, Leonard Javier.