The Week of TRP 43: Epic

TRP 43 Exhibit

by Kim Ivan Mendoza, Class 2020

It has been a tradition in the UP College of Medicine to celebrate “Tao Rin Pala” or TRP. Headed by the oldest medical organization of UPCM, the UP Medical Students' Society, TRP has not only been a way to bridge the gap between medical students and consultants, but also served as an avenue for expression. It was a night to showcase the many talents of the UPCM-PGH community, and to prove that medical students and doctors are not bound by their hospital work, but also: tao rin pala.

Last year, TRP was brought back to its original purpose and became a way to promote advocacies, to reflect about the healthcare system, and to expose problems in our society. This made TRP more relevant, and back to its roots. There is no doubt that TRP has truly managed to have an impact not only in the UPCM culture but also on the UP Manila community, and perhaps Filipino society as well.

UPCM Celebrates 43rd Tao Rin Pala

2021 opening

by Leander T. Quilang, Class 2020; Regiel Christian Q. Mag-usara, Class 2020

Last Friday, November 25, 2016, medical students, faculty, staff, and the entire UP Manila College of Medicine - Philippine General Hospital (UPCM-PGH) community gathered to witness the 43rd installment of Tao Rin Pala at the Fleur De Lis Auditorium, St. Paul University Manila. Headed, directed, and produced by the UP Medical Students’ Society (UP MSS), TRP 43’s theme, “Epic”, aimed to showcase a celebration of the different stories – epics – of the members of the UPCM-PGH community.

This year’s event kicked off with an opening number by UPCM Class 2021, the college’s freshmen. Their number with the theme of the transcending of lifetimes of doctors and healers throughout the country’s history, got the ball rolling with TRP 43: Epic.

Hosted by Kyle Patrick Eugenio and Alyssa Samantha Fusingan of Class 2019, and Edroico Mari Brillante and Rosa Silvana Bascuña of Class 2020, the event formally began with the opening remarks of UP Manila Chancellor Dr. Carmencita David-Padilla. The performances were to divided into three subthemes, namely “Eos: The Dawn”, “Hemera: The Day”, and “Astraeus: The Dusk”.

UPCM Joins Anti-Marcos Rallies

by Leander Quilang, Class 2020

When the Supreme Court approved of the burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the UP College of Medicine (UPCM) raised its voices in protest. Being only one block away from the Supreme Court, members of UPCM joined the “Black Friday” anti-Marcos rally held on November 25, 2016, culminating in a mass demonstration in Luneta Park.

With the chant being “Marcos! Hitler! Diktador! Tuta!” and “Marcos! No Hero! No Glory! No Shame!”, the rally kicked off with a gathering at the lobby of the Rizal Hall of the UP Manila College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at around 1 PM. After an hour, it proceeded to go around the UP Manila campus, gathering strength as it went along the other colleges before ending in front of the UP Oblation on Taft Avenue.

UP Medchoir: Their Uncharted Journey

by Regiel Christian Q. Mag-usara, Class 2020

A journey does not merely begin with a single idea. It starts with a collection of thoughts and dreams that build upon each other and assemble to become a single vision that seeks to be fulfilled. For the UP Medicine Choir, their vision was to be able to display their talents on a bigger international stage. For years now, the MedChoir has graced the stages here and abroad with their talent and passion, winning numerous accolades along the way. However, with their love for singing and desire for excellence, the choir naturally sought higher and newer horizons. This was the beginning of their uncharted journey towards their 2016 Europe Tour.

Pathology and Medicine departments hold CPC

by Michelle Eala, Class 2020

Last November 15, 2016, the Department of Pathology and the Department of Medicine held a Clinico-Pathologic Conference (CPC) at the Buenafe Hall of the UP College of Medicine. In attendance were medical students, residents, Dr. Raquel Fortun, Chair of the Department of Pathology, and Dean Agnes Mejia. Presiding over the event was Dr. Manuel Jorge II, Chair of the Department of Medicine.

The case for this conference was a 22 year-old male who presented with abdominal pain. Dr. Mark Anthony De Lusong of the PGH Section of Gastroenterology served as the discussant, providing a very thorough analysis of the case.

Student representatives Tiffany Uy (LU IV), Leonard Javier (LU V), and John Jefferson Besa (LU VII) were also given the chance to share their thoughts on the case. Despite the lack of clinical experience, these medical students were able to present sound differential diagnoses that were in line with Dr. De Lusong’s analysis.