UPCM’s Academic Center Foundation Sinks and Damages Nearby Buildings

Academic Center Sinks

by Leander T. Quilang, Class 2020

The foundation of the excavation site for the proposed 7-story UPCM Academic Building, and the ground around it, has weakened and has sunk, subsequently damaging several surrounding buildings.

The construction necessitated a closure of the continuous water source. This closure caused water to shift to the periphery and to soften the ground, thus causing the sinking. Power had to be cut in the surrounding areas to avoid fire.

Unfortunately, the damage was not limited to the excavation site, and was severe enough to cause the soil beneath the UP Medicine Library and the University Library to sink as well. These two buildings have been declared permanently closed. Also affected were the MSU Building and the nearby tambayans of the UP Medical Students' Society, Phi Fraternity and Sorority, and Mu Fraternity and Sorority. Alvior Hall is currently being monitored for damage, while Calderon Hall is now limited to office use only.

Mary and Fetal Circulation

mama mary

by Geno Sadaya, Class 2019

About this time of the year, I always contemplate on a Facebook post my former philosophy instructor posted when I was in first year medical school (LU III):

"According to Aquinas, when the angel in Scripture said, 'Hail, Mary full of grace,' it was the first time in the history of mankind that an angel ever saluted a human being with such respect, because more often than not, human beings fell down cringing in terror and fright at angelic beings-- so otherworldly and powerful were they. But the angel said 'Hail,' only because she is higher than angels, higher even than the six-winged seraphim who guard the sacred throne. And when he said she is full of grace, he meant it--because her blood would mingle with the blood of God, who stayed inside her for nine whole months, while their hearts beat in sync in the same body. The heart of the mother, and the heart of the Son, so intimate, as to be One."
-J. R.

UP Manila Holds 2016 Lantern Parade

UPCM Lantern

by Lorena Osorio, Class 2021

As part of the university’s Christmas tradition, UP Manila held its annual Lantern Parade last December 9, 2016 at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Oblation Plaza. Students, faculty, employees, and friends of UP Manila and PGH took part in the festivities.

United by the theme “Christmas at UP Manila, the National Health Sciences Center”, the lanterns were brought to the plaza as early as noon to allow for setup and prejudging. Onlookers within and just outside the campus and hospital grounds gazed in awe at the gigantic and colorful lanterns made almost entirely of recycled materials, as well as at the participants clad in college colors, headdresses, banners, and other props.

The Week of TRP 43: Epic

TRP 43 Exhibit

by Kim Ivan Mendoza, Class 2020

It has been a tradition in the UP College of Medicine to celebrate “Tao Rin Pala” or TRP. Headed by the oldest medical organization of UPCM, the UP Medical Students' Society, TRP has not only been a way to bridge the gap between medical students and consultants, but also served as an avenue for expression. It was a night to showcase the many talents of the UPCM-PGH community, and to prove that medical students and doctors are not bound by their hospital work, but also: tao rin pala.

Last year, TRP was brought back to its original purpose and became a way to promote advocacies, to reflect about the healthcare system, and to expose problems in our society. This made TRP more relevant, and back to its roots. There is no doubt that TRP has truly managed to have an impact not only in the UPCM culture but also on the UP Manila community, and perhaps Filipino society as well.

UPCM Celebrates 43rd Tao Rin Pala

2021 opening

by Leander T. Quilang, Class 2020; Regiel Christian Q. Mag-usara, Class 2020

Last Friday, November 25, 2016, medical students, faculty, staff, and the entire UP Manila College of Medicine - Philippine General Hospital (UPCM-PGH) community gathered to witness the 43rd installment of Tao Rin Pala at the Fleur De Lis Auditorium, St. Paul University Manila. Headed, directed, and produced by the UP Medical Students’ Society (UP MSS), TRP 43’s theme, “Epic”, aimed to showcase a celebration of the different stories – epics – of the members of the UPCM-PGH community.

This year’s event kicked off with an opening number by UPCM Class 2021, the college’s freshmen. Their number with the theme of the transcending of lifetimes of doctors and healers throughout the country’s history, got the ball rolling with TRP 43: Epic.

Hosted by Kyle Patrick Eugenio and Alyssa Samantha Fusingan of Class 2019, and Edroico Mari Brillante and Rosa Silvana Bascuña of Class 2020, the event formally began with the opening remarks of UP Manila Chancellor Dr. Carmencita David-Padilla. The performances were to divided into three subthemes, namely “Eos: The Dawn”, “Hemera: The Day”, and “Astraeus: The Dusk”.