Cefotetan Gives UPCM a Championship

By Julianne Keane M. Pascual, Class 2017

According to Medscape, cefotetan is a “second-generation cephalosporin used as a single-drug therapy to provide broad gram-negative coverage and anaerobic coverage.” Fun fact*: When cefotetan interacts with alcohol, a disulfram-like reaction occurs, which may cause acetaldehyde accumulation exacerbating the toxicity of alcohol.

Health advocates declare healthcare workforce crisis

By Angeli Dumatol, Class 2017

The Coalition for Primary Care, composed of seventy-four member organizations of health advocates from across the different sectors in the community, gathered together for a health forum on the State of the Nation’s Health: Healthcare Workforce Crisis last Tuesday, July 22, 2014. The event was held as a means of launching the campaign against the shortage and misdistribution of healthcare workers in the country, a difficult hurdle in the nation’s goal of achieving universal healthcare.

#CompassionInPGH: Dr. Beverly Ho

“The PGH I know never lacked compassion. On the contrary, I saw that it suffered from too much of it at one point or another. Too much to the extent of hoarding the hospital's supplies, overprescribing supplies/medicines from more "well-off" patients to have something to use for those who have significantly less, coaching watchers to act out in front of the social worker to ensure that he gets 100% subsidy—all these and more—seem normal… and right… and justifiable.

They Remember

By Adrian Paul J. Rabe, MD

I remember him. Gasping for breath, lips blue from the lack of oxygen, dying with each second. He was brought in by his daughter, and decked to my care by the Emergency Medicine service. I was a 2nd year Internal Medicine resident at the Philippine General Hospital.

A quick history and physical exam pointed to a block in a major artery supplying vital nutrients and oxygen. This obstruction was built up over time, accelerated by a life of vice and excess.