Student Leaders Launch Free Tuition Watch

by Diego Mina, Class 2021

On the 15th of June 2017, AGHAM Youth, UP Saribuhay, and Rise for Education College of Science Diliman held a press conference wherein they launched the Free Tuition Watch campaign, which would aim to collate reports through social media on the implementation of the Php 8.3B funds for free tuition this school year 2017-2018.

The provision of Php 8.3B was written last December 2016 into the General Appropriations Act for 2017. While it had been explicitly stated that the 8.3B would be used so as to have no tuition collection at least for the school year 2017-2018, the CHED-DBM released a controversial set of rules and regulations that introduced a “prioritization scheme”. There has also been a letter from CHED Commissioner Prospero De Vera stating that medical students would be able to obtain the free tuition as long as they fulfill certain requirements. As of writing however, the College of Medicine has not yet stated that there are rules to be implemented.

UPCM-PGH Bands Battle It Out at FATE 2017: Tambay

Phi Band

by Iris Ditan, Class 2021

Last May 12, 2017, the UP Medical Students’ Society hosted Fridays At The East or FATE 2017: Tambay, a battle of the bands from the UPCM-PGH community, at the PGH Science Hall. The theme ‘Tambay’ pertained to the easy pleasure of listening to and making music when and wherever, focusing on Original Pinoy Music that brought people together.

Great Wall

Great Wall

Louie Dy, Class 2021

I would probably call this the funniest thing I've ever written.

Great Wall, as we know, is defined as the wall that precludes possible romantic relationships, depending on how "conservative" a Chinese family (or clan) is, or whether the one looking for a relationship has fully internalized the wall. Great Wall stems from the long history of ethnocentrism in the Chinese culture.

Historically, the Great Wall was built by 秦始皇帝 (Qin Shi Huang Di) to ward off the 匈奴 (Xiong Nu) or 外患 (Wai Huan), which refers to the "barbarians" of the north.

UP Medchoir Holds Abendlied Concert for Patients with SLE


by Benjo Kho, Class 2020

Last May 5, 2017, the UP Medicine Choir held Abendlied, a benefit concert at the UCCP Cosmopolitan Church for patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Pushing through with the choir’s motto of “Healing Through Music”, Medchoir joined the Section of Rheumatology in caring for patients with lupus, as well as spreading awareness of the support group called the PGH Lupus Club.

With media partners Wazzup Pilipinas and Doktor Doktor Lads, Abendlied, which means “Evening Song”, was held to spread awareness of SLE. The choir also set up a two-panel exhibit outside the church, showing information on the disease.

Med CEB Conducts MSC, USC Miting de Avance


by Sean Cua (Class 2021), Nefren Lobitana (Class 2020)

Last May 2, 2017, the University of the Philippines College of Medicine College Electoral Board (CEB) held a miting de avance for Medicine Student Council (MSC) and University Student Council (USC) candidates at Buenafe Auditorium, 3/F Calderon Hall, UP College of Medicine. According to the CEB, about 180 students from different learning units as well as supporters of USC candidates from other colleges attended the said event, listening to the platforms put forward by the candidates in preparation for the upcoming MSC and USC elections which will be taking place on May 8 to 9 at Calderon Hall and PGH Atrium.

Parties were given 3 minutes per candidate for their presentations before proceeding with the open forum where hosts Pat Gayod (Class 2023) and Sean Sy (Class 2023) read questions submitted by students online. The candidates were given one minute to answer the questions before being notified with a bell. The program was divided into two parts: with the candidates from the MSC given the chance to present their general platforms and answer questions before their USC counterparts.