UPCM-PGH Bands Battle It Out at FATE 2017: Tambay

Phi Band

by Iris Ditan, Class 2021

Last May 12, 2017, the UP Medical Students’ Society hosted Fridays At The East or FATE 2017: Tambay, a battle of the bands from the UPCM-PGH community, at the PGH Science Hall. The theme ‘Tambay’ pertained to the easy pleasure of listening to and making music when and wherever, focusing on Original Pinoy Music that brought people together.

Hosted by Hans Joren Bondoc and Bradley Ashley Ong, the event catered to twelve different bands, each of which chose two songs from one OPM artist they chose to cover. With judges Dr. Jose Carlo Onchongo and Ms. Rosalie Anne Obena, each band was judged on musicality and synchronicity, stage presence, originality and creativity, and audience impact.

After a night of jamming, winners were announced and special awards were given. First Place went to Phi Band, who covered Urbandub; Mu Band, covering Sinosikat, came in Second Place; and, in Third Place was Phightroopers, who covered Sarah Geronimo. Individual members were also recognized. Micah Masbad (Mu Band) was awarded Best Vocalist; Best Guitarist went to AG Virata (2020 Band and Phightroopers); Ichi Nakamura (Phi Band) was named Best Drummer; the award of Best Bassist was given to JC Reyes (Phi Band); and both Earl Balanag (Mu Band and XXI: Class 2021 Band), and Arden Quiambao (2019 Band, 6 Pack Ards, and RSO Band) were named Best Keyboardist.

Other bands and their chosen OPM artists were: BENT covering Sugarfree, 2020 Band covering Rivermaya, RSO Band covering December Avenue, XXI: Class 2021 Band covering Imago, 6 Pack Ards covering Session Road, Saan Banda?! covering Parokya ni Edgar, Uprise covering Up Dharma Down, Through The Years covering Silent Sanctuary, and 2019 Band covering Kitchie Nadal. The MSS Band, UP MRX, and Indayog also performed during the intermission.