Medisings 2017: Music and Service

Ruth Eusebio

by Arobe Shiek Goling II, Class 2019

Music and service are powerful expressions of humanity. Both are expressions of healing. We sing to express unheard emotions within us. Likewise, as students, we are committed to serve the marginalized as our means to help our society be healed. Medisings, the annual inter-class singing competition organized by UP Pagsama is a testament that these two powerful expressions can exist in one epic event.

Last March 24, in line with the long week celebration of UP Pagsama Week: Kislap, UP PGH Science Hall witnessed the different representatives from different classes sang their own rendition of different musical pieces in this year's Medisings. Members of different classes were also present to support their own class representatives. The theme of Medisings this year is "Kilos Kabataan!". UP Pagsama aims to mobilize the youth to participate in addressing the different issues in the Philippine society.

Medisings, aside from being a singing competition, is known for the advocacies that it is built upon. Maika Dingal of UPCM Class 2019, who is the Advocacy Head of this year’s Medisings, said that, “While Medisings is an avenue to foster class spirit, its main purpose is to support an advocacy. The greatest challenge for us was to strengthen the reach of our advocacy within UPCM and to make sure that people understood what it was actually for.”

Dingal clearly remembers the story behind the advocacy of Medisings, “The decision to mobilize the youth in the community’s activities dates back to 2014. The Council for Health and Development (CHD), our partner organization, was already trying to mobilize the adults, but it was during this time that we realized that the youth have a lot of untapped potential.”

This year, proceeds from this event will be provided to UP Pagsama's partner community which is Creek Drive II, Valley 8 in Parañaque to support the Youth Core Group. Youth Core Group is a group of young individuals who underwent training organized by UP Pagsama and the Council for Health and Development (CHD). The training educated the youth of the basic knowledge and skills concerning the basic common illness affecting their community and how they can manage these illnesses. The goal is to integrate the youth of the community to the continuous struggle of improving the health outcomes of Valley 8.

When asked of her vision of Medisings five years from now, Dingal hopes that the advocacy will achieve sustainability, “The ultimate vision of PAGSAMA is for our organization to be no longer relevant in the communities, as we aspire for a future where all communities are empowered and all community members are active participants in the achievement of better health outcomes. We aspire for a future where PAGSAMA is no longer needed.”

Ruth Eusebio, UPCM Class 2020 after singing “The Climb” originally sang by Miley Cyrus and Sweet Dreams which is one of the classic hits of Beyonce emerged as the 2017 Medisings Champion. Ruth also won the Best in Choice Piece special award along with Amor Pasigon of UPCM Class 2019.

When asked how does it feel to win, Ruth answered, “I’m really happy and honoured to represent [Class 2020] since it’s a venue to inspire people through music and talent and as well to help the beneficiary of Pagsama.” Ruth also shared the inspiration behind the pieces she sang during the momentous win. “[The Climb] reminds us to keep holding on that goal that you have despite the challenges [we encounter] ahead.” She also shared that the song Sweet Dreams was also the song that she sang during her debut.

Ruth dedicates her win to Class 2020, UP Pagsama and the beneficiary, her family, God and the country. When asked what is her advice for those who would also compete in Medisings, “Choose a song that you really love. And sing with all you heart,” Ruth offered.

Here’s a recap of the results of this year’s Medisings:

Ruth Eusebio (Class 2020) - Champion
Elijah De Guzman (Class 2022) - First runner-up
Amor Pasigon (Class 2019) - 2nd runner-up
Amor Pasigon “Tara Tena” (Kyla feat. Kaya & V3) (Class 2019) - Best in Contest Piece
Amor Pasigon “All I ask” (Adele) (Class 2019) tied with Ruth Eusebio “Sweet Dreams” (Beyonce) (Class 2020) - Best in Choice Piece
Class 2022 - Best in Class Spirit

Photos courtesy of The UPCM Collective