Helios and Luna

by Nadine Uy, Class 2020

When enchantress of the night lured thy sight,
Sages turn sapless to taste the delight.
But anon after, ecstasy corrupts;
Remorse creeps as the howl of the hound haunts.

As day dawns, light sears every vein of shame.
Fire blazes upon thee, consumes thy name.
But ye would rather endure the chastise,
For the warmth from the spirit never dies.

Now, ye ask if gods can make One the Two.
Nayís the response, for Eros cannot be true.
And if by chance, sky shall bleed; allíd be dark.
Suffrage bodes if from duties theyíll depart.

As much as night cannot be one with day,
And so Luna and Helios cannot stay.