Class 2022 Parties at “Meet and Greet at the Street”


by Cedric Taguinod (Class 2021) and Regiel Mag-usara (Class 2020)

The Organizations’ Night and Street Party, entitled “Meet and Greet at the Street”, was held last August 4, 2017 at the PGH Court as one of the events part of the UPCM Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP) 2017 for the benefit of Class 2022.


Class 2021 Hosts (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

This annual FOP event aims to acquaint the freshies with the organizations of the UP College of Medicine. The Orgs’ Night commenced with the performances of the different FOP teams of Class 2022, beginning with Ancients, followed by Royals, Pioneers, Visionaries, Wildlings, and Legions. Various talents in singing, dancing, and acting inspired by their team’s “time period” were showcased by the freshies. Medicine Student Council (MSC) Chair Anna Cruz, Jana Negre, and FOP Head Rafael Cancino served as the judges.

red dance

Dance Performance (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

2022's Cersei Lannister gets crowned (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

leandro dance
Dance Performance (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

The FOP team acts were followed by performances from the various orgs within the College of Medicine and UP Manila. UP Indayog began with a dance number, followed by Medical Students for Social Responsibility (MSSR-IPPNW), Medics, MedRhythmics, Regionalization Students Organization (RSO), Physician-Scientists Association (PSA), and Agape. An intermission number was then performed by UP Dramatista. A second set of performances from MSC, Meridian, One’s True Nature (OTN), Medical Students’ Society (MSS), MedChoir, and Pangkalusugang Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral (PAGSAMA) capped the Orgs’ Night showcase.

remo dance

Dance Performance (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

2022 looks on at their classmates perform (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

Dance Performance (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

grape eat
Play Performance (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

To close Orgs’ Night, the winners of the team performances were then announced. The Royals took the top prize, Visionaries came in second, and Ancients placed third. The Visionaries also bagged the award for Best Costume and Orgs’ Night Mask. Meanwhile, Alvek Ecaldre from the Royals was crowned as the Street Party Stunner.

The Orgs’ Night was immediately followed by the Street Party, wherein fair-style booths with games and prizes were prepared by the orgs for the freshies. Among the booths were MSS’ game of Pogs, PAGSAMA’s String Maze, and Medics’ Word Factory. Also joining the party were OTN’s Charades, Meridian’s Puddle Jumper, and RSO’s Toss a Ring and Win a Prize. MedRhythmics and MedChoir had Just Dance, MSSR-IPPNW had Cash-ya, PSA had Interrogation Room, and Agape had the Awesome Project.

OTN game

OTN's Charades(c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

RSO game
RSO's Ring Toss (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)

last pic
2021's organizing committee caps off a successful event (c) Isabel Serrano (Class 2021)