Class 2021 Holds Welcoming Ceremonies and Campus Tour for Class 2022

Welcoming Ceremonies (c) Ethan Maslog

by Lorena Osorio, Class 2021

UP College of Medicine Class 2021’s Welcoming Ceremonies and Campus Tour for Class 2022, entitled “Big Bang”, was held last July 24, 2017. The events, the first in a slew of activities of the annual Freshman Orientation Program (FOP), aimed to foster bonding among members of Class 2022, as well as to introduce them to the college’s various student organizations and campus life.

The Welcoming Ceremonies kicked off the morning with games, audiovisual presentations, and other activities. Members of Class 2022 were divided into teams and made to accomplish certain tasks and challenges together.

“[UPCM Class 2022] shared introductions alongside much cheer and laughter throughout the team challenges and interactive games,” shares stage manager Brian Alvarez. “These events helped break the ice and sparked the beginning of fruitful camaraderie among the new faces. The ceremony closed with their very first class picture, their smiles bearing the fruit of their day of firsts.”

welcoming ceremonies

Welcoming Ceremonies (c) Ethan Maslog (Class 2021)

In the afternoon, the freshies were toured around the campus through various stations. Each station was manned by representatives of the college organizations, who explained some important specifics of UP medical student culture, such as Tuesday conventions, dissection, liaison officers, major college events, and even finding places to eat and study. Participating organizations included UP Meridian, MedRhythmics and varsity teams, UP Medics, UP Physician-Scientists Association (PSA), UP Medical Students’ Society (MSS), Pangkalusugang Lingkod Bayan (PLB), Medicine Student Council (MSC), UP Pangkalusugang Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral (Pagsama), Regionalization Students Organization (RSO), UP Agape, Medical Students for Social Responsibility (MSSR-IPPNW), and One’s True Nature (OTN).

The campus tour was held in spite of the fact that some parts of the campus grounds, such as the University library and surrounding areas, remained inaccessible. It is to be recalled that areas around the excavation site for the construction of the UPCM Academic Center had been closed off in December 2016 due to unstable ground soil.

“Even though some areas of the campus were not accessible at the time, I think the freshies still had a glimpse of that one-of-a-kind UPCM life that they’re going to experience, thanks to the participating organizations who gave helpful survival tips and useful freebies,” says Ajina Carampel, campus tour head. “The schedule was followed and everything went smoothly.”

The Freshman Orientation Program, themed this year as “Warped”, is an annual activity held by the new school year’s LU4 students to welcome and help ease the LU3 students into the UP College of Medicine.


Welcoming Ceremonies Hosts (c) Ethan Maslog (Class 2021)