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Himedsikan 2017: LU4 Sends Volleyballs Soaring High, Defeats LU5 in the First Volleyball Match


by Rory Nakpil (Class 2024)

Last September 18, 2017, a rainy Monday, LU4 (Class 2021), won their first volleyball game against LU5 (Class 2020) winning two out of the three sets played. The first set was neck-and-neck with a score of 27-25 in favor of the LU4 team. Although both teams showed their skills and talent, it was more of a battle of endurance that was won by LU4. The LU5 volleyball team hit their peak in the second set with team captain JP Ladera (Class 2020) and top scorer Kirby Plando (Class 2020; 7 points) leading the charge, and taking the set from LU4 with a score of 22-25. The LU4 volleyball team, led by captain and player of the game Henzor Daguioy (Class 2021), took back the game in the third set with a notable back-to-back service ace from Sean Cua (Class 2021). With a final score in the third set of 25-21 in favor of LU4, the LU4 volleyball team triumphed over the LU5 team for the first volleyball match of Himedsikan 2017.


Usapang Isipan: Understanding Mental Health Issues

by Arobe Shiek Goling II (Class 2019)
In today’s society, in media and in real life, words such as depression, suicide, and insanity are not new. The World Health Organization reports 2,558 Filipino suicides yearly, averaging seven suicides a day. However, efforts from different sectors of the society to address the mental health issues of the common Filipino have not faltered.

In line with the Pagkalma Month, the service month of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and Phi Lambda Delta Sorority, the Phi Kappa Mu launched its newest service project, Usapang Isipan, a series of service activities that seek to promote mental health awareness.